Health is a journey, not a destination. Your best health is not merely an absence of disease, but actually feeling great everyday in every part of your life. Optimal health is about maximizing every aspect of your health; from your brain function, energy , digestive function, to your mental and physical strength. With Dr. Nadia’s comprehensive approach, you can look forward to achieving greater mental clarity and physical resilience to become optimal in all parts of your life.


Stress triggers very important biochemical reactions in our body designed to save our life in times of danger. It is a very intelligent survival mechanism in our body. However, chronic stress can cause constant activation of these systems, eventually leading to diseased states. A few consequences of chronic stress include:

Increased blood sugars
Increased blood pressure
Increased cholesterol
Thyroid dysfunction
Fertility issues
Menstrual irregularities
Poor memory and concentration

Sound familiar?

Often the challenge comes in recognizing our individual stress triggers and learning how to manage them better, so that our health does not suffer as a result. Having a comprehensive plan in place can help eliminate unrecognized stressors on your health and wellbeing and can help guide your on your greatest health journey yet.


Feeling fatigued by lunchtime?  Dragging yourself through your day? Been told all your lab work is normal or that everything is “fine”? There are many reasons for fatigue, including poor thyroid function, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, poor lifestyle choices, and hormonal imbalances. If you are feeling tired and fatigued, and want to get some answers, talk to Dr. Nadia to see which testing would you right for you to get to the underlying cause of your symptoms. Take charge so that you can live life, not just get through it.